High-Grade and Custom Industrial Rings and Wire Forms

Our company specializes in wire forming of precious metals, alloys, and other brazing materials. We manufacture items in various sizes ranging from 0.011” ID rings and 0.005” diameter wire to 12.0” ID and up. Aside from that, we produce slugs and band rings.

Our Products


We manufacture industrial rings from different precious metals and alloys. We specialize in very small sizes to larger sizes ranging from 0.015” up to 12” ID, with a wire diameter from 0.005” and up. We manufacture several types of rings, including:

  • Butt-End Without Helix
  • Expanded Gap
  • Gap
  • Lap
  • Multi-Turn
  • Segment or Arc

AMP Ring, Inc. also provides rings in different shapes, depending on what you need. We produce it in discs, frames, squares, and more.

Wire Forms

AMP can also manufacture different shapes depending on what you need. Examples are frames, coils, and more.

Washers and Discs

We manufacture a variety of washers and discs ranging in sizes depending on material.

For more specific information please contact us.


Depending on what you require, slugs can be cut from a diameter of 0.008” and up in almost any length.

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For more information about our products and services, feel free to reach out to our team today. You may also connect with us to request a quote. We are looking forward to hearing from you.